Payment Options

Option #1- Fee for Service -Evaluation + Management (per visit)

Simmons Family Practice 

Estabished Patient- $84 cash price (discount time of service) -vs- (Insurance charge) $168 before contractual adjustment 

New Patient- $84 cash price (discount time of service) -vs- (Insurance charge) $184 before contractual adjustment

Mexico After Hours Clinic

New or Established Patient- (Insurance charge) price range $168 - $208 before contractual adjustment


$84 cash price (discount time of service)

**Lab & Xray billed separately if Fee for Service payment option is selected**

Option #2Bundled Payment (per visit)

Mexico After Hours Clinic 

New or Established Patient - $123 cash price (discount time of service)


 (Insurance charge) $168 before contractual adjustment

Option #3- Direct Primary Care (per year)

Unlimited Access- Simmons Family Practice & Mexico After Hours Clinic

Family- $2400 / year 

Individual- $1200 / year 

*corporate discount negotiable*

We accept

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express

EMV-chip compliant